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Sage Accpac
Version 5.5 Updates
System ManagerProduct Update 2 SM55APU2
Account Code Change Product Update 2 SG55APU2
Accounts Payable Product Update 2 AP55APU2
Accounts ReceivableProduct Update 2 AR55ARU2
AR Inquiry Product Update 2 UR55AMPU2 (MSSQL)
Customer Number Change Product Update 2 SR55APU2
General LedgerProduct Update 2 GL55APU2
Inventory ControlProduct Update 2 IC55APU2
Item Number ChangeProduct Update 2 SI55APU2
Lot TrackingProduct Update 2 KT55APU2
Ops InquiryProduct Update 2 UQ55AMPU2 (MSSQL)
Order EntryProduct Update 2 OE55APU2
Payroll-CanadianProduct Update 2 CP55APU2
Payroll - U.S.Product Update 2 UP55APU2
Purchase OrdersProduct Update 2 PO55APU2
Project & Job CostingProduct Update 2 PM55APU2
Serialized InventoryProduct Update 2 SN55APU2
Uni Sales AnalysisProduct Update 2 UX55AMPU2 (MSSQL)
Version 5.4 Service Packs
System ManagerService Pack 3SM070928
Accounts PayableService Pack 3ap080526
Accounts ReceivableService Pack 3ar080526
General Ledger Service Pack 2 gl080423
Inventory ControlService Pack 3ic080723
Order EntryService Pack 3oe080723
Payroll-CanadianService Pack 3CP080616
Payroll - U.S.Service Pack 3UP080616
Purchase Orders Service Pack 2 po080605
Project & Job Costing Service Pack 2 pm080507
Return Material Authorization Service Pack 1 ra080108
Version 5.3 Updates
System ManagerService Pack 3SM050727
Accounts PayableService Pack 4AP070326
Accounts ReceivableService Pack 3ar060629
General Ledger (5.3B)Service Pack 1GL070313
General Ledger (5.3A)Service Pack 2gl050331
Inventory ControlService Pack 3IC060118
Order EntryService Pack 5OE070309
Payroll - CanadianService Pack 2cp060831
Payroll - U.S.Service Pack 2up060831
Purchase OrdersService Pack 3PO060704
Project & Job Costing (5.3A)Service Pack 2PM050619
Project & Job Costing (5.3B)Service Pack 3PM060830
Serialized InventoryService Pack 3SN53APU1
Sage CRM
For Sage Accpac ERP
Version 6.16.1J Patch
Version 6.06.0V Patch
Version 5.85.8Z Patch
Version 5.8 Integration Patch for Sage Pro 7.4
Version 5.8 Integration Patch B
Stand Alone
Version 6.16.1I Patch
Version 6.06.0U Patch
Version 5.85.8Za Patch
Options for Sage Accpac
Alerts ServerVer 5.2ASP1
Bar Code LabelerVer 5.0SP3
Business AdvisorVer 2.0SP1
CFOVer 2.0BSP2
KPIVer 0.9SP1
QueryVer 8.0SP2
Contact Master ProVer 5.0SP4
Contract Number ChangeVer 5.3SP1
EFileVer 3.0SP1
EFT Direct for PayrollVer 4.1SP2
EFT Direct for Accts PayableVer 4.1SP5
EFT Direct for Accts ReceivableVer 4.1SP5
Financial Link ProVer 5.3SP2
G/L Security by SegmentVer 4.2SP3
IC Item TransferVer 4.2SP2
Item Number ChangeVer 5.1SP5
Lot Tracking Ver 5.5 Prod Update 2
Multiple IC Item NumbersVer 4.2SP1
ODBC Link (Std)Ver 4.2SP1
ODBC Link (Pro)Ver 4.2SP1
Sales AnalysisVer 5.1SP5
Sales Analysis (Corporate)Ver 4.2SP3
Sales Analysis (Enterprise)Ver 4.2SP2
Serialized InventoryVer 5.3SP3
Smart Order EntryVer 4.2SP4
Vendor Number ChangeVer 5.1SP5
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