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Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions - Key Features

Explore some of the features that makes Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions the #1 financial management software for mid-sized companies.

Business Leaders

You know that critical decisions made daily have both short and long term effects on the success of your business. Choosing the right software to keep your business moving forward is critical. With QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions you will:
  • Always know where your business stands
  • Save thousands in upfront and ongoing costs
  • Rest assured the software will scale as your business grows
Company Snapshot (New)

Looking for a quick, daily update on the status of your business? Want to see the status of Receivables, Payables and reminders? Company Snapshot can provide a real-time overview of your business. It is centralized and easily accessible so staying on top of your business is at your fingertips.

Add Up to 30 Simultaneous Users

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions now supports up to 30 simultaneous users. Simply purchasing additional licenses in 5-user increments increases and install the software on their computer then point them to the Enterprise Solutions company file.

Track 100,000+ Customers, Vendors and Inventory

Now with the ability to have hundreds of thousands of vendors, customers and items Enterprise Solutions gives your business room to grow. That?s more capacity of any other QuickBooks product.

Multi-Currency Capability

Automatically apply and caculate foreign currencies on foreign transactions. Your business is now able to grow globally with the multi-currency capabilities.

Payroll Processing INCLUDING Direct Deposit!

There are several ways to streamline the payroll process using the Enterprise Solutions' easy-to-use paryoll tools. Included is a Direct Deposit fearture which saves the trouble and expense of printing paychecks and saves employees the trip to the bank.

Go Beyond Financial Management

Intuit's new line of business software works seamlessly with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions.
  • Sales Management ES (Beta)
  • Warehouse Management ES
  • Field Service Management ES

Financial Managers

One of the most important decisions your company can make is to choose the right software to accurately and easily manage its finances. With QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions you will:
  • Get the core accounting functionality you need
  • Create professional financial statements
  • Always know where your business stands
Run Key Financial Reports Instantly

Enterprise Solutions has over 120 standard reports. These include P&L, Cash Flow Statement, Budget and many more. You can easily customize these reports and memorize your changes. Your data can also be exported to MS Excel.

Combine Reports from Multiple Company Files

No more exporting data to combine it in manually for reports. Enterprise Solutions creates a MS Excel spreadsheet with a column for each location. No need for manual calculations reducing errors.

Intuit Statement Writer

The Intuit Statement Writer is a $150 value included at no extra cost. The Statement Writer works directly within MS Excel for maximum flexibility with a real time link to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions so your statements update with your data.

Always-on Audit Trail

The Audit Trail helps protect agains employee fraud and detects errors because it records transactions as they are entered, edited or deleted from the system. Although the audit trail is always on, there is no impact on perfomance of Enterprise Solutions.

Automatically Track Expenses & Pay Bills

Record bills when they arrive. QuickBooks alerts you when they are dur. With the click of a button, turn your bill entry into a check. Print checks one at a time or in batches.

First Year Support and Upgrades Included with Full Service Plan

A one year membership to the Full Service Plan is included with your purchase of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. The plan includes technical support, product upgrades, training, online backup and more. Help with installation and data conversion from Intuit's support team is also available.

IT Managers

As an IT manager, you know that the inner workings of your business software can have a big impact on your company's success. With QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions you will:
  • Get up and running in days, not months
  • Save thousands in upfront and ongoing costs
  • Stay in control of your sensitive data
Run Your Database Server on Linux

Run QuickBooks Databasa Server on Linux. Use QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions on your Windows desktop client to access the data on the Linux server.

SQL Database for Added Scalability

Enterprise Solutions uses a state-of-the art SQL database allowing the database to grow with your business. It is not necessary to know SQL to use it, nor worry about database installation and access.

Access Your Data with ODBC Compliant Applications

Your QuickBooks data can be retrieved into ODBC compliant applications such as MS Access or Excel.

Advanced User Permissions

Enterprise Solutions offers excellent protection by allowing or restricting users to access over 100 individual reports, bank accounts, lists and activities.
Plus, the Audit Trail feature in Enterprise Solutions tracks changes to important information at all times without sacrificing speed.

Connect Remote Workers and Locations

Enterprise Solutions works with Microsoft Windows Terminal Services to allow access by authorized users. Processing takes place on the server, not on the users' PC which means top performance.

First Year Support and Upgrades Included with Full Service Plan

A one year membership to the Full Service Plan is included with your purchase of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. The plan includes technical support, product upgrades, training, online backup and more. Help with installation and data conversion from Intuit's support team is also available.

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Manage sales opportunities in one place

Manage sales opportunities and their stage in the sales process along with their size, opportunity and close date. Easily do on the spot addition and editing of realated contracts within an opportunity.

Efficiently manage all sales activities

Keep all activities like e-mails, phone calls, meetings, etc. in one place. View them as a list or calendar entries. Link them to specific opportunities.

Track it all with a personalized dashboard

The dashboard provides a summarized veiw with drill down capability to specific details. Save time with one screen integrating all of your critical information.

Improve customer relationships

Record all sales activities related to either a sales opportunity or a customer contact. Contact information, account history and customer notes are at your fingertips allowing you to make a personal connection.

Easy access to information when needed

Your information is accessible online from anywhere at anytime through a protected server. Run reports, enter notes and manages sales opportunities.

Microsoft Outlook Synchronization

Synchronize customer contacts, meetings and tasks with Outlook. Even import Outlook e-mails, with attachments, into ES.

Dashboard for Sales Manager

Synchronize customer contacts, meetings and tasks with Outlook. Even import Outlook e-mails, with attachments, into ES.

Assign Leads to Sales Reps

Easily assign leads to individual sales reps. Monitor each opportunity through it's progress.


ES contains reports that provide information of the sales potential for your business. They provide the ability to summarize and analyze sales information by account, rep and so much more.


Warehouse Management ES allows you to put your inventory in multiple locations. It will track your inventory and direct the picker to the correct location to full the order.

Multi-Warehouse Sales Order

Warehouse Management ES will send sales orders to the correct warehouse at the sales order line item level. Separate sales orders are automatically created in Warehouse Management ES

Bar Code Import, Scanning and Printing

Import bar codes from QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions custom field on the item record. This enables bar code scanning for items the using Warehouse Management ES mobile bar code scanner. Migrate away from paper and pencils allowing you to have real-time, wireless, bar code scanning. Minimize mistakes, improving efficiency.

Build Assembly

Import bill of materials for an item assembly from QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. Identify the component item locations from which to pick from. Generate a build ticket for picking and locate completed assemblies at warehouse stocking locations.

Serial Number and Lot Number Tracking

Track serial numbers and lot numbers for stock in your warehouses is simplified with Warehouse Management ES.

Vendor and Customer Returns

Warehouse Management ES sends the transaction from both vendor and customer returns to Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions. A customer credit memo is automatically created with a customer return.

Receiving Inventory

Mobile device functionality gives you several options for receiving inventory.

Move Transactions

Both the move location function and the move item function work seamlessly with a range of mobile devices.

Enhanced Bar Code Functions

A mobile device can be used to conduct purchase order receipts or to process and ship sales orders. Additionally, conduct inventory counts, move inventory in mass or at the item level.


Get up and running swiftly with QuickStart. It imports your QuickBooks items along with the quantities, sales orders, purchase orders and other associated QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions data.

Inventory Accuracy

Keep your inventory accurate and in synch with Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions. It blocks any inventory changes in Enterprise Solutions requiring all changes to be made within Warehouse Management ES.

Automatic Synchronization

Every minute QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and Warehouse Management ES are synchronized automatically. Simple, reliable and completely automatic syncmeans no buttons to pus and no manual transferring data.

Shuffle Schedules Quickly

Use a dashboard that is full of information, including each technician's work orders, location and status. Moving a schedule is a matter of dragging and dropping.

Bird's Eye View

Using the dashboard, track what each technician is working on, the work status, job duration and much more. With a single click, open all of the job details and edit them.

Wireless Work Orders

Use cell phones and PDA's instead of paper so you control processes and information better. Immediate inforamtion is available on work orders and technician shedules.

GPS and Mapping

Fields Service Management ES integrates with Google Maps allowing you to track workers and locate customer sites easily. Maximize travel time and get more done each day.

Accurate Parts and Pricing

With Service Management ES, your parts catalog and price lists can be available to your field technicians. By synchronizing with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, your technicians have up-to-date pricing.

Mobile Payments

With mobile payments, your technicians can get cash on delivery and bank your money instantly. Increase cash flow and reduce efforts to gete paid.

No Double Entry

Generate invoices the instant your tech closes a work order. With time and parts captured at the worksite by your technicians, your billing is more accurate.

Manage Better With Powerful Reports

With built-in reporting and dashboards check staff productivity, revenue, work orders per technician and more. Easily create custom reports using the built in reports.


Using industry templates get productive quickly.

Time Cards

Each field technician's mobile phone can have his or her time card. Eliminate errors and validate the technician's location. Field Service Management ES creates GPS-stamped "when" and "where" for each time card. Reduce manual data entry.

Service Agreeements

Create contracts with customers who need periodic service over a length of time. Plus, your preventive maintance work orders are auto-created and easy to schedule.

Up To Date Snapshot

The Sales Performance Analyzer dasboards provide up to date snapshots of company perfomance. Know exactly where your sales and products stand at any time.

Multiple Filter Views

Filter customers and products by a large range of filters including custom date ranges, gross margin, average days to pay. The weighted business impact view allows selection of importance to your business of sales, margina and days to pay.

Get the Exact Repot You Need

Create the exact reports you need with the Custom Report Bilder. Your custom report in Business Analysis ES is updated each time you run it. No need to recreate the report. Although the builder currently focuses on sales and profitability but with continual improvement more data will be accessible from Enterprise Solutions.

Simple drag-and-drop tools let you create custom reports in minutes.

Analyze Data the Way You Want

The spreadsheet like tool of the Custom Report Builder provides near real time access to data in Enterprise Solutions. With this powerful tool, you can create detailed table reports.