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Explore the Features of QuickBooks Solutions 9.0


There have been many features added to Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0 to grow with your company, to improve international commerce as well as improve acquiring information in a manner that suits your needs.

These powerful tools simplify using QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. Your data is protected and you have advanced user functions.

Having customer information in one place makes billing a snap. Enterprise Solutions gives you the ability to keep all that information at your fingertips. Having multiple customer addresses means quicker entry of orders for the customer. Multiple pricing levels help you give the prices you want for each customer. Even complete overseas transactions with ease using multi-currency.

Use the tools within QuickBooks Enterpise Solutions to properly record all employee and payroll information. Additionally, print forms directly from Enterprise Solutions. There are even tips on interviewing as well as other employee functions.

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25 and 30 User Configurations

Due to the demands of their growing customers, Intuit has increased the number of simultaneous users to 30. Additional licenses can be easily added when needed so Enterprise Solutions can grow with your business.

Online Banking Redesigned

Securely download bank and credit card transactions. The short step-by-step, Online Banking wizard will guide you through the set up process.

Multi-Currency Functionality

Apply and calculate foreign curriencies automatically on transactions. Do business with your international customers and vendors more easily.

International Payment Service

Process wire transfers and drafts in more than 100 foreign currencies by connecting to Intuit's international payment service right from Enterprise Solutions.

Company Snapshot

Looking for a quick, daily update on the status of your business? Want to see the status of Receivables, Payables and reminders? Company Snapshot can provide a real-time overview of your business. It is centralized and easily accessible so staying on top of your business is at your fingertips.

Performance Analyzer & Custom Report Builder

Get quick, up-to-date company performance snapshots and custom reporting capabilities to help you make better business decisions with Intuit Business Analysis ES. It works seamlessly with Enterprise Solutions.

Intuit Statement Writer

Create professional financial statements right from QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions with Intuit Statement Writer. It works directly within Microsoft Excel for maximum flexibility and provides a real-time link to your Enterprise Solutions data.

Multi-User Backup & Performance Improvements

Now you can back-up, run reports, and enter transactions into your company file all within multi-user mode. Enterprise Solutions has upgraded Sybase 10 SQL database so you get fewer "company file in use" messages as well as run queries faster and save transactions while reports are running.

QuickBooks Instant Messenger

QuickBooks Instant Messenger allows you to directly chat with remote users and perform actions, such as logging them out, even when they are not at their computer.

Advanced User Permissions

Enterprise Solutions offers excellent protection by allowing or restricting users to access over 100 individual reports, bank accounts, lists and activities.
Plus, the Audit Trail feature in Enterprise Solutions tracks changes to important information at all times without sacrificing speed.

13 Predefined User Roles

Predefined user roles to make new user set-up fast and easy. Each predefined role template comes with a complete set of permissions designed for that role. You can copy and edit each role template and assign any role to any user instantly, or apply multiple roles to a single user.

Connect Remote Workers & Locations

Enterprise Solutions works with Microsoft Windows Terminal Services to allow access by authorized users. Processing takes place on the server, not on the users' PC which means top performance.

Extra Capacity

Enterprise Solutions offers the most capacity of any QuickBooks product. Add hundreds of thousands of customers, vendors, and employees, and hundreds of thousands of inventory, non-inventory, and service items so there is virtually no limit to your growth.

SQL Database

Enterprise Solutions uses a state-of-the art SQL database allowing the database to grow with your business. It is not necessary to know SQL to use it, nor worry about database installation and access.

Always-On Audit Trail

The Audit Trail helps protect agains employee fraud and detects errors because it records transactions as they are entered, edited or deleted from the system. Although the audit trail is always on, there is no impact on perfomance of Enterprise Solutions.

Flexible Administrative Controls

Set up your accountant to be the QuickBooks Administrator with sole access to the accounting functions that impact your data integrity. Your accountant can then delegate lower level functions, to your in-house administrator.

Run Key Financial Reports Instantly

Enterprise Solutions has over 120 standard reports. These include P&L, Cash Flow Statement, Budget and many more. You can easily customize these reports and memorize your changes. Your data can also be exported to MS Excel.

Combine Reports from Multiple Company Files

No more exporting data to combine it in manually for reports. Enterprise Solutions creates a MS Excel spreadsheet with a column for each location. No need for manual calculations reducing errors.

Export Data to MS Excel

Export your QuickBooks data to a new or existing Excel spreadsheet. Excel automatically applies existing formulas to the new data. Use export/import to quickly make global changes.

Access Your Data with ODBC

Your QuickBooks data can be retrieved into ODBC compliant applications such as MS Access or Excel.

Track Expenses & Pay Bills Automatically

Record bills when they arrive. QuickBooks alerts you when they are due. With the click of a button, turn your bill entry into a check. Print checks one at a time or in batches.

Fixed Asset Manager

Track fixed assets including each purchase from acquisition to disposition. Automatically calculate depreciation for up to six asset bases.

Instantly Prepare for Tax Time or Your Accountant

Enterprise Solutions tracks your income, expenses, sales tax and payroll during transaction recording so you are ready for taxes anytime.

Track Tax Deductible Expenses Automatically

Enterprise Solutions tracks your income and expenses, organizing them by tax category. Tax alerts can remind you of quarterly and monthly tax deadlines so you don't have to worry about late-payment penalties.

Track a Multitude of Information

With over six times the capacity of any other QuickBooks product, you can add track hundreds of thousands of vendors and just as many inventory, non-inventory, or service items.

Know Your Inventory Stock Status

Check your inventory instantly with the built-in inventory stock status report. See quantities on-hand, on sales order and on purchase order for each item. Set reorder points.

Find Key Vendor Information Instantly

All of your important vendor details are in one simple screen with the Vendor Center. View entire transaction history for the vendor. Use different filters to see different information.

Create & Send Purchase Orders

Within seconds, create purchase orders and email them to your vendors. Turn any estimate or sales order into a purchase order with just a few clicks.

Use Foreign Currencies on Purchasing Transactions

Calculate foreign currencies automatically on purchasing transactions so you can do business with your offshore vendors easier.

Receive Items & Pay Vendors

Every purchase is automatically tracked in Enterprise Solutions until the items are received and your vendor is paid. With the click of a button, turn a bill entry into a check.

Create Bills of Materials

Track costs and inventory with Build Assemblies. Include both material and non-material costs in the builds. Enterprise Solutions automatically deducts the component items from inventory when you build.

Unit of Measure Conversion

Automate the conversion from one unit of measure to another with a click. The correct units are printed on the sales order, pick list and packing slips.

Available to Promise

Important inventory data is on one screen with the Available to Promise feature. With easy drill down, see details on which customers have ordered the item. View open purchase orders as well.

Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet

Show all of your open sales orders on one simple screen. Sort open orders by different choices with one click. Customize whether to allow partial shipments or complete orders. Select orders you want to ship then batch pick lists, packing slips, or invoices.

Backorder Tracking

Easily see backordered items on purchase orders, invoices and other sales forms. It is easy to see exactly what still needs to be shipped and what is expected from Vendors.

Easy & Convenient Shipping.

Use customer address information on sales receipts to pre-fill FedEx and UPS shipping labels. Multi-parcel labels allows you to easily ship multiple packages from a single shipment order.

TrueCommerce EDI

EDI is the most widely-used form of electronic commerce to automate order processing for business-to-business. TrueCommerce EDI software, which is an $800 value is included with Enterprise solutions. There may be additional fees for a monthly subscription for EDI transactions.

Track a Multitude of Customers

Track hundreds of thousands of customers, vendors and employees, giving your business room to grow.

Find Customer Information Instantly

All of your important customer details are on one simple screen with the Customer Center. Filter by active customers, open balance, other programmed filters or your own custom filter.

Create & Send Estimates, Sales Orders, Invoices

Your workflow is simplified with Enterprise Solutions. Estimates, invoices and sales orders can be created in seconds and emailed to your customers.


Use foreign currencies on sales transactions so you can do business with your international customers with more ease.

Custom Pricing

Set custom pricing and billing levels. Link a price level to any customer and the correct discount is automatically applied by Enterprise Solutions.

Manage Multiple Customer Addresses

Add up to 200 shipping addresses per customer. Set up multiple email addresses. Set up companywide default "copy" and "blind copy" email addresses to pre-populate for each customer.

Design Professional-looking Sales Forms

Design and use custom forms including estimates, invoices and sales orders. There are more than 100 pre-designed forms to use or customize to look just the way you want. Add your own logo, use custom fields and set fonts and colors. Customize in real time so you know how they will look before you print them.

Payroll Processing Includes Direct Deposit

Payroll processes are streamlined with Enterprise Solutions' payroll tools. Direct Deposit is an included feature that will save the trouble of printing paychecks.

Find Key Employee Information Instantly

All of your important employee information is in the Employee Center. Each time payroll is processed in QuickBooks, all of your company file information is updated.

Track Employee or Contractor Time

The fastest way to track and record billable time is with QuickBooks Time Tracker. Employees or contractors can enter their hours from anywhere using a timesheet on the web. With one click, download the submitted timesheets right into Enterprise Solutions. A free 60-day trial of Time Tracker is included with Enterprise Solutions 9.0

Centralized & Secure Employee Information Tracking

Employee Organizer puts all of your employee information at your fingertips. Track employee data by entering employment data, emergency contacts, current and historical compensation, and payroll status, and personal information into Enterprise Solutions.

Comprehensive Employee Management Reports

Convenient reports allow you to see employee information at-a-glance. Enterprise Solutions automatically tracks job costs as you pay job related bills and labor.

Employer Compliance Guidelines

Enterprise Solutions provides built-in legal documentation and requirements as well as compliance tips for employment-related issues, such as recruiting, hiring, compensation, benefits, employee relations, and termination.

Employment Forms, Letters & Templates

Print a variety of state and federal forms, or employee management forms. Adapt templates for legally compliant employment-related letters and other documents. Read tips on interviewing, giving evaluation reviews, and more.