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Deltek Vision® Features and Benefits

Streamline Your Operations

Explore the Deltek Vision Features designed to deliver the comprehensive, integrated capablilities that help firms like yours to manage their business.

Streamline Your Operations and Execution

The Deltek Vision features at left deliver the comprehensive, integrated capabilities that help firms like yours to efficiently track and manage their business.

Resource and Project Management

Make sure the right people are on the right projects at the right time. Automate scheduling, resource allocation, budgeting and forecasting to help project managers and resource planners determine whether proposed fees are accurate, appropriate staff is available and allocated effectively, and projects come in on time and on budget. Timesheet entries and expense reports feed actual costs back into the project plan for an accurate rolling forecast that managers can use to make faster, more informed decisions and ensure projects stay on track.

Time and Expense Management

Speed up and increase the accuracy of the time collection process through an intuitive interface that is always accessible to employees. Integrated with Vision Billing, Resource Planning and Project Management, and Client Relationship Management modules, Vision Time and Expense Management provides real-time visibility into costs that impact your projects and profitability. Ensure that hours and expenses collected are immediately accessible throughout the system and eliminate redundant data entry that leads to errors and omissions. With Time and Expense Management, you are giving managers a true picture of project labor hours and quickly invoicing clients for improved cash flow.

Deltek Vision Mobile Applications Suite

A firm's resources are its most valuable as well as its costliest assets. Anything impacting the efficiency of a billable resource directly affects the firm's revenue. Delivering the tools to increase efficiencies and improve business processes drives a firm's growth and profitability.

Providing 'anytime, anywhere' access, Deltek Vision's new Mobile Applications Suite enables users to enter timesheet and expense reports and access Vision CRM data from mobile devices and laptops whether connected or disconnected from the Deltek Vision database.

Deltek's Mobile Applications Suite improves employee productivity, streamlines the billing process and improves a firm's cash flow by facilitating the accurate and timely collection of project-related costs as they occur.

Ability to enter timesheet & expense data regardless of database connection Reduces employee downtime and improves productivity. Enables "real-time" time and expense collection. Streamlines billing to improve overall cash flow.
Ability to access client, contact, activity, and opportunity data Convenient access to Vision CRM data from anywhere anytime.
Financial and Project Accounting

Managing financial performance by project is critical for professional services firms. Deltek Vision integrates project control with the general ledger so you can track profitability in real time and identify problems as they arise. Vision includes a complete set of business finance tools such as accounts payable and receivable, revenue recognition, overhead allocation, multi-company and multi-currency support and project and financial reporting. Deltek Vision Financial and Project Accounting is seamlessly integrated with all Vision modules, ensuring that costs are shared automatically while maintaining tight internal control and a comprehensive audit trail.


Flexible Work Breakdown Structure for Project-Based Firms Simplifies the management of complex projects by allowing up to three levels of project structures with user-defined labels to meet individual needs. Levels can be defined at both the global and project level.
Improves Accounting Productivity Intuitive data entry to facilitate accounting and financial transactions. Built in checks/balances validate and ensure appropriate account coding.
Comprehensive Audit Trail Interactive general ledger reporting provides complete account balance drill-down.
Scalable Technology Supports hundreds of concurrent users while adaptable to meet the requirements and resources of smaller firms. Universal access and zero-client install ensure that any Web-based user has "anytime, anywhere" system access.

Deltek Vision Purchasing manages your firm's entire requisition, purchasing and receiving cycle - no matter how simple or sophisticated - while maintaining full integration with Financial and Project Accounting and Resource and Project Management modules. It supports the creation and tracking of purchase orders for materials, supplies, capital items and services for both project-related and in-house needs. Ensure that all purchases are tracked accurately and efficiently with built-in workflow and approval features.

For Vision clients that also sell product (e.g., hardware or software), Vision Purchasing includes a feature set for managing inventory. It will track inventory on hand by location, calculate average product cost and will automatically create a purchase order when quantities reach a specified level. When an inventory item is sold, it automates the assignment of units, client charge and cost to the project.

Single, Comprehensive Purchase Order Screen Manages the complete purchasing cycle in a paperless environment with online, browser-based requisitions, RFQs, purchase orders and receiving.
Comprehensive Inventory Track inventory on hand and cost by location and automatically assign cost to projects.
Built-In Workflow Alerts Routes purchase orders through the appropriate approval channels to ensure a smooth purchasing process and improve efficiencies.
Secure Purchasing Environment Management controls designate employee access to each requisition stage during the purchase cycle. Predefined authorization levels and limits control who can create and approve requisitions and purchase orders, and to what dollar amount.

Deltek Vision Payroll simplifies every aspect of the payroll process. It increases accuracy, provides flexible payroll processing, generates payroll runs automatically and provides a full range of detailed reports. Payroll is integrated with the other Vision modules, providing smooth and accurate information flows throughout the financial management system.

Support for direct deposit of payroll checks improves process efficiency for direct-deposit resources. The payroll and check processing in Deltek Vision offer the ability to export AP checks and payroll data for printing via a service bureau outside of Deltek Vision. The Payroll Data Export report enables firms to export payroll data into various data formats to verify accuracy and reduce paper waste before final transmission to third party check processing vendors.

Simplified Payroll Automatically calculates earnings, company contributions, deductions and taxes.
Complete Tax Withholding Supports all U.S., federal, state, and local payroll taxes
Third Party Payroll Processing Support Export Vision data directly to ADP or Paychex for processing.
Facilitates "Paperless Reporting" Management controls designate employee access to each requisition stage during the purchase cycle. Predefined authorization levels and limits control who can create and approve requisitions and purchase orders, and to what dollar amount.
Fully Integrated Shares information with other Deltek Vision modules.

The financial health of your firm relies on timely and accurate billing. Vision Billing supports complex and diverse billing requirements, including time and materials, fee-based and percent-complete billing. Designed for the unique billing requirements of project-based firms, it automatically captures every billable labor and expense transaction, applies rate tables and employee overrides, calculates fees, handles multiple currencies, generates draft and final invoices using the templates and formats of your choice, and manages write-offs and adjustments. Deltek Vision's Billing module automates the end-to-end billing process, improves efficiencies, and helps you maintain a positive cash flow.

Complex Billing Requirement Support Automatically captures all billable labor and expense transactions, applies rate tables and employee overrides, calculates fees, and generates draft and financial invoices in a variety of templates to improve accuracy and streamline the billing process.
Document Management

Meet the challenge of effective collaboration regardless of where team members are located. Deltek Vision Document Management fosters information sharing by providing a single Web-based document collaboration platform for your team to share. Team members from around the firm and around the world can upload, share, review and edit documents from within Vision using a Web browser. In addition, give purpose and meaning for each document by associating each with clients, projects, employees and opportunities � providing a total knowledge management solution.

Web-Based Document Collaboration Fosters internal and external information sharing to increase productivity, improve efficiencies, and streamline operations.
Industry-Standard Collaboration Software Platform Built upon and integrates with existing deployments of Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services and is tightly integrated with Windows Server 2003 for maximum performance, stability and security.
Secure Environment Flexible security model tied to Deltek Vision's robust security system to manage document library user access, and document editing and management rights.
Fully Integrated Store, share, and collaborate on a set of documents for every project, employee, client, contact, opportunity or other key Vision record. Link single document to one Vision record, or to multiple records in multiple Info Centers.
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