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Deltek Vision® Project Management Software

Deltek Vision keeps your management team on top of problems that can derail your success and facilitates better decision-making by delivering critical information to your desktop at the click of a mouse. Visualization, Dashboards and award-winning reports are a few of the many ways that Deltek Vision provides the information you need to effectively and efficiently manage your business.

Deltek Vision® Benefits by Role

Deltek Vision is a powerful software solution that empowers everyone in your company to be in control of the critical business processes that define your success. From upper management to project management and accounting, Deltek Vision helps your teams work better together.

Explore what Deltek Vision can do for you.

As an Executive of an AE or Consulting Services firm, you need visibility into your business and help addressing your most pressing issues. Deltek Vision helps thousands of executives like you address these challenges every day.

Industry experts estimate that up to 14% of the average employee's workday is spent looking for information.

With Deltek Vision, your managers will have quick, self service access to targeted, easy to understand reports and performance metrics from anywhere, anytime that support timely and informed decisions. It will reduce data maintenance and increase data accuracy.

Some of the Vision features that help, include:
  • Vision Visualization
  • User-specific or role-based Dashboards
  • Targeted, configurable reports with drilldown
  • Access from anywhere with an internet connection
  • A single, integrated database for all critical business processes

Industry experts have estimated that an integrated project management system, like Deltek Vision, can improve employee utilization by 8%.

Vision provides the framework for assigning the right staff to the right project at the right billing rate. It allows you to plan for project success from the initial proposal to project completion. It lets you match the talents of your staff with project requirements. And it helps you quickly identify over and under utilization so that employee utilization can be optimized and profits can be maximized.

Vision will become your manager's number one tool for supporting informed decisions that help your projects come in on time with the highest level of profitability.

  • Staff utilization report
  • Resource planning, especially the resource utilization view
  • Dashboard alerts for employees and managers
  • Time sheets: Utilization ratio and activity budgets

Studies have shown that up to 10% of project costs are not captured on invoices.

Deltek Vision helps eliminate the loss of billable time and expense and captures it to the level of detail that supports project and budget management and contractual requirements. Project invoices are accurate the first time, which shortens the billing cycle and time to payment. With targeted AR aging reports and aging Reports and Alerts, your team can stay on top of the collections process, helping you get paid more quickly.

Vision can help you increase cash flow:
  • Time and Expense Collection, with approvals
  • Configurable WBS, billing terms and invoice formats
  • Project Review Center
  • Alerts for AR collections
  • Visualization

A recent study shows that professional services firms that invested in front and back office solutions that control business processes realized an average five year annualized return on investment of 96.7%.

Vision provides a framework for effectively dealing with all of your critical business processes so you and your team can focus on the challenges of business development, staffing and project execution, rather than business processes that have run amok.

Vision can help you improve your business processes:
  • Automation of all critical business processes around the engagement, execution and delivery of projects
  • Integration of all critical business processes in one database
  • Tailored exclusively to the needs of the project-focused firm

Vision 'success-enables' managers to run their projects in conformance with company goals. It helps them manage their projects proactively and affords complete visibility into project performance from anywhere, anytime.

Vision can help you empower your management and make them more accountable:
  • Resource Planning
  • Visualization
  • Dashboards metrics
  • Variety of project status reports
  • Framework for consistent, accurate data capture
  • Anytime, anywhere access

Project Managers face some daunting challenges to bring projects in on-time and at the highest possible level of profitability. Deltek Vision helps project managers like you to do this everyday.

Projects are the lifeblood of the professional services firm—they must be properly planned and executed in order to preserve margins and retain happy clients. To meet these objectives, projects managers need real time information at their fingertips that will help them identify problems early enough to allow timely course correction.

Vision provides you with up-to-the-minute project information:
  • Web-based architecture
  • Vision dashboards, including important Activities, Reports, and Project Information
  • Project Review Center
  • Targeted, configurable project management reports with drill down
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • One database for all critical business processes
  • Resource Planning module

If a firm can not maintain high levels of staff utilization and can not place the right team members on each job, profits and client relationships will be jeopardized. It has been estimated by the Aberdeen Group that integrated project management systems can improve employee utilization by 8%. Even an increase of 2% is an additional profit of $200,000 for a company with 60 billable resources billing at $80 per hour.

Vision provides you with tools that allow you to constantly monitor project status and plan for project success:
  • Resource Planning
  • Project Plan View
  • Utilization View
  • Skills Search
  • Staff Utilization and profitability reports
  • Time sheets: Utilization ratio and activity budgets
  • GANTT Charts
  • Dashboard Alerts for employees and project managers

Maintaining several different systems that track important financial and project data wastes valuable time, causes frustration, can result in uninformed decisions, and increases the potential for data-related errors. Additionally, it does not allow managers to see where they are at in real time, which severely impacts their ability to quickly respond to project cost, schedule or resource issues.

Vision provides you with a complete, integrated source for project management and project accounting systems:
  • One point of entry and one point of access for all project budget, cost, schedule, resource planning and utilization, billing and accounts receivable information.

As an IT professional, you probably spend your days filled with urgent matters leaving you very little time to perform your other duties. Deltek Vision helps IT professional address these challenges.

Vision fully integrates all critical business processes for the project-focused firm into one centralized database that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime with a web browser. Its web-based architecture enables all system maintenance to be done at the server level, eliminating the arduous task of maintaining at the workstation level.

Vision can help you reduce your time spent on system maintenance:
  • Web-based architecture
  • One database for all critical business processes

Vision’s .NET framework and three tier architecture ensure that its technology is among the most contemporary, fully supported technologies on the planet. Additionally, Deltek has deployed the framework in a way that ensures a robust feature-set, optimal performance, and a productive user experience, thereby ensuring high rates of user adoption.

Vision puts a new technology backbone on your mission-critical data:
  • Web-based architecture
  • .NET technology
  • Smart Client technology
and needs of your growing company?

Vision’s feature-set and technology foundation have been built to serve diverse needs of the project-focused firms just like yours. You gain the benefit of that experience with a product that lays a foundation for supporting your most sophisticated and demanding requirements.

Vision helps you develop a new framework to help your company grow:
  • Web-based architecture
  • One database for all critical business processes

Your Accounting team has little time to spare and your tasks need to be completed accurately and quickly. Deltek Vision can help you address these accounting challenges.

Vision puts up-the-minute project, financial and business information at the manager’s fingertips from anywhere, anytime, which leaves accounting more time to focus on other mission-critical tasks.

Vision empowers your managers to access important data:
  • Web-based architecture
  • User-specific or role-based dashboards
  • Targeted, configurable reports with drilldown
  • One database for all critical business processes

Vision helps eliminate the leakage of billable time and expense and captures it to the level of detail that supports project and budget management and contractual requirements. Project invoices are accurate the first time, which shortens the billing cycle and time to payment. With targeted AR aging reports and aging Alerts, the team can stay on top of the collections process helping you get paid more quickly.

Vision helps you capture all project time and expenses, bill them on time and ensure prompt payment:
  • Time and Expense Collection, with approvals
  • Configurable WBS, billing terms and invoice formats
  • AR Aging reports
  • Workflows
  • Alerts
  • Dashboards

The Vision Accounting and Billing feature-set will meet the most demanding requirements of the project-focused firm, which eliminates the need to use work-arounds and outside systems.

Vision automates all your accounting processes with stringent internal controls:
  • Complete financial management and project accounting system, including time and expense collection, billing, financial reporting, general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, purchasing and inventory
  • Multi-currency, multi-company, intercompany billings and transfers and other advanced accounting features
  • Workflows
  • Dashboards

Our Business Development team used to spend all of their time chasing information instead of chasing new and repeat business. Deltek Vision helps address these marketing challenges.

Vision serves as the single repository for your firm's marketing data, which can then be used in client relationship management, contact management, opportunity management, and proposal development. By being the single point of entry and access for this data, Vision saves time, reduces frustration, and increases data reliability. With Vision, marketing data will become a corporate asset.

Vision stores all of your marketing information in a single place:
  • Web-based architecture
  • Complete marketing database
  • Dashboards
  • Targeted, configurable marketing reports with drill down
  • Search capabilities

Vision provides a framework for building a consistently executed, winning marketing program that is proactive rather that reactive. It will help you win more of the right kind of work by providing insight into past project performance for different clients and project types.

Vision helps automate the entire proposal process so you can create professional-quality, winning proposals faster. It even completes government forms.

Vision stores and gives instant access to boilerplate, including resumes and project profiles. And it makes it easy to prepare winning proposals by integrating Vision information directly with Microsoft Word and desktop publishing systems.

Vision helps you win the right kind of work more often:
  • Complete marketing database
  • Complete CRM capabilities
  • Complete proposal automation capabilities
  • Resource Planning module for preparing cost estimates
  • Integration with MS Word and desktop publishing systems

Vision provides a framework for building a client relationship program that will increase client satisfaction, client retention and client referrals, and reduce the cost of doing business.

Vision client relationship management is designed specifically for project-based businesses. Its single, centralized database makes it possible for everyone in your organization—from sales and marketing to accounting and finance to management and administration—to work together to meet your clients� needs.

Vision helps you manage your relationships with existing clients for more repeat business and profitable projects:
  • Activity management
  • Alerts
  • Custom fields and tabs
  • Client nurturing through the Marketing Campaign Info Center

Powering Your Business

Streamlining business processes was the driving principal behind the development of Vision's technology. Using an interface tailored to your unigue business processes, you have universal access to information which will simplify your workday.

  • 100% web-based technology
  • Innovative technology foundation built with Microsoft .NET
  • SOA and Web Services for customization and integration
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Office
  • Mobile Applications for anytime, anywhere access
Powerful Technological Advantages:
Deltek Vision® Product Data Sheets
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Whether you are a 10 person Consulting firm or a 500 person Architect or Engineering firm, Deltek Vision is the right solution to help you manage the critical business processes that define your success. From Project Management to Resource Utilization, from Accounting to Payroll, from CRM to Business Intelligence, Deltek Vision helps your company and teams work together to accomplish your goals.
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Configuration Versus Customization

Deltek Vision was designed to allow firms to easily configure the application to meet their unique requirements. From configuring screens, reports and terminology to applying role-based security down to the field level, Vision provides the tools to tailor the user experience. The payoff: an application that easily adapts to your business.


The Deltek Vision Workflow Manager keeps processes on track, automates time-consuming manual tasks, and keeps workers informed and involved. The payoff is lower operational costs, greater agility, and quicker response to client needs.

Integration with Other Software and Services

Deltek Vision's Web Services APIs allow firms to more easily integrate Vision with other mission critical applications. In addition, Deltek Vision can be extended to interface with other web services that enhance the user's experience.

Mobile Access

Busy professionals like you tend to be very mobile. The Deltek Vision Mobile Applications Suite ensures that your employees have access to key information from any Internet connection, an offline edition and on devices that run Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC or 6.0 Professional such as the Palm Treo 700W/WX and Sprint’s Mogul by HTC. This allows employees to have universal access to information from anywhere, anytime.

Microsoft Office Integration

Deltek Vision is combined with the comfort and universal acceptance of Microsoft Office. Users working in the Office applications they know can use them in conjunction with Deltek Vision giving them much greater productivity.